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If you have a wild animals that need help please call
(814) 692-0004

Mailing address is Centre Wildlife Care, PO Box 572, Lemont, PA   16851

Physical address is Port Matilda, PA - Hours by Appointment Daily (8am - 8pm)
Other drop off locations in State College
If you would like to be on our e-mail mailing list
Please send an e-mail to:  centrewildlifecare@gmail.com

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Saint Nick the Snowy
Saint Nick the Snowy Owl
Has been released!
Read story here

Arrived at CWC on Christmas Day!  WCO Amanda Isett received a call from the SCI Smithfeild on Christmas day that they had an injured snowy owl.  The owl had some minor skin tears and broken feathers from the razer wire at the prison.  WCO Isett responded and caught the owl with the help of the prison staff.  Volunteer Charlotte Simpson transported the bird to CWC where he received fluids and medical care right away.  We did have some issues with Saint Nick not eating well and losing weight when he was in a flight. We suspected some pain related issues so we brought him back inside and put him on pain meds.   We thank all involved who worked to save this very special bird.  He was released 11-29-18 in North Western PA in a remote location.

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Bald eagles with lead poisoning
Eagle being tube fed by Robyn & Kali  Bald Eagle Release
Injured bald eagle suffering from lead poisoning
Successfully released in Wiliamsport February 2018

Flyer on Lead Poisoning in Eagles
Webinar By PA Game Commission (50 min)
Lead poisoning in eagles:  The hunters' role by Mark Nale
Learn how birds get lead poisoning (short video)
Meet another eagle that recovered

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Red Tailed Hawk
Wildlife Wednesday on WTAJ TV

Learn about our native Pennsylvania Wildlife
every other Wednesday at 4 pm on Central PA Live

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Wild About Animals event
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Thank you for your support!
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Centre Wildlife Care (CWC)  is a 501c3 charity that is licensed by the Game Commission, the US Fish and Wildlife Service and the Fish and Boat Commission to care for compomised wild animals until they can be released into the wild.  We are a volunteer based organization that is NOT state or federally funded.  We operate on donations.  CWC also provides educational outreach with non-releasable wild animals in the form of educational programs at your location, social media, news letters and TV.

Centre Wildlife Care is located on 15 acres of wooded land in lovely Centre County in Port Matilda, PA.  Since opening in 1995, we have rehabilitated thousands of injured, sick and orphaned wild animals until they can be released back into the wild.  We care for all native species of wildlife including mammals (bunnies to bears), birds (finches to bald eagles),
reptiles and amphibians.  

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Centre Wildlife Care is committed to transparency.  Financial and corporate documents can be viewed at Guidestar.org...click on the link below to learn more.

Guidestar  WASP International

CWC is approved by WASP International as an ethical organization.
click on the WASP link to learn more.

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