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Robyn & Isis

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Red Tailed Hawk Released (watch video)

Peregrine Falcon Release

Lead Poisoning and Eagles

Painted Turtle Hatchlings

Baby Birds at Centre Wildlife Care

Fiona the Hedgehog

American Coot Release

Bald Eagle Release

Lead Poisoning in Eagles

Golden Eagle Release

Camo the Snapping Turtle

Isis the Peregrine Falcon

If you smell skunk, love is in the air!

Tundra Swan Release

Learn about Baby Opossums

Short Eared Owl with Shavers Creek

Ava the Trumpeter Swan at CWC March 2015

Update on Ava the Trumpeter Swan

Fawns at CWC

Learn about Baby Birds

Great Horned Owl Babies Re-nested

Meet Marci the Marcupial (Marci takes the Lyme disease Challenge)

Bunnies, Bunnies and more Bunnies...please don't kidnap babies

Rescued Hedgehog at CWC...Upcoming Wild About Animnals event

Trumpeter Swan at CWC March 2015

Grebes February 2015

Merlin, a Type of Falcon in Rehabilitation

Fred the Wood Turtle January 2015

Spot the Spotted Salamander January 2015

Meet Andromeda the Red Tailed Hawk (and learn how about hawks starving this winter)

Mr Beatrice the Luecistic American Robin


Snowy Owl 

Eastern Box Turtle

Betsy the Bat

Aurora the Barred Owl

Steven the Hog Nose Snake

See Jeffry the Shrew Being Released

Success Stories & News Articles

Baby Wildlife Rehabilitated at Centre Wildlife Care (Video)

Meanie Saves Baby Squirrel, Ruins Reputation 2016

Juvenile Bald Eagle Release September 24, 2013

Juvenile Bald Eagle Release January 17, 2012

Brutal Winter Taking a Toll on Wildlife, State College.com. March 2015

Aiding the animals, SunGazette, January 2013

Rehabilitator pulls small miracle, saves five fawns, Pittsburgh Tribune 2009

Be caring but cautious, Lewistown Sentinel, 2009

A special kind of patient, Bald Eagle 2008


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